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Thursday, September 24, 2009 @10:13 PM


Sunday, August 23, 2009 @11:03 PM

Guess what?



I am like so damn freaking happy la! All the sunday mornings of waking up at 7am, the bruises and bueblacks, the tough time mastering the fan shen! There were tough, but they paid off!

Judges comments (quoted from JingLin):

- I like the choreography
- Most entertaining
- Very creative
- Best one i've seen tonight.
- Great display put up by soloist
- Impressive unity among such a big group

Wow-ed tttm. YuLing was just FAB! Initially we were like OMG when she missed during the climax. Luckily, she didn't give up and tried again and made it! Woohoo!

I have to admit I was very surprised by the audience's reaction. There were cheers like a lot of times! Although they might have been our own people, but whatever, we won and that's it!

I was a little overwhelmed when I finished the dance. For the first time, I really felt that I danced with all my might, making me remember the feeling of being on stage. Just awesome.

We won, LingLu won, a ballet item won too. 3 out of 4 Nafa Teams won first prize in their respective catagories. Wow.

I am still rather overwhlemed. (:

Anyway, now I am so screwed. Gonna fail my Math test tomorrow cause I didn't study. Oh well, but it was worth it. (:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 @8:43 PM



After like almost 2 months? Hahas. No one cares about this dead blog anyway.

Hmmm. Yea, many things have happened. June Holidays went over in a breeze, failed mid years, been really busy.

Oh well, got to go now.

To do list for tonight:
1. Thermodynamics Tutorial
2. Vectors Tutorial 2
3. EOM Draft 2
4. AJ 25 Book Timeline
5. AJ 2 Book Order form

Yes, I'm screwed. Though I doubt I'll finish any. Lol.

Friday, June 5, 2009 @8:01 PM


I was posted to Group 3, CHEYENNE, and this is the best group ever! Whoos!

Student Instructors : Instructor Clement, Instructor Perry, Instructor YuZhi
Cheyennes : ChaiJia, HuiYi, FangYu, Joanne, YingYun, Belinda, Keith, ZeXun, Bryan, Roy, Titus, ZiWei and Pearl

Day 1

We had to report at 7am in AJC Hall, yet some were late and we were doing pumping 10 minutes into the camp. Lol? Fast enough ba. Anyway, admin stuff and blah blah blah. Finally got to LAC. There's we had to do more pumping(can't remember the reason) and checked into our bunks. It was better than I expected but the SIs were super strict so we had to clean it up again and again. After that, more pumping I think. In the first day I think we did about 80 to 100 plus pumping? Lol.
Cheyenne's first activity was then the get-everyone-over-the-wall game. We completed it really really quickly! Then we had facilitation, which is like something we do after every single game to learn all the learning points and how we apply it to our term of office stuff. It was then that we found out that we were too task oriented as we didn't even realised that Ze Xun was injured until our SIs said so. Omg, we really failed as a team then. We then had more games, more facilitation and workshops. The workshops just had to be after lunch when everyone was feeling sleepy and restless. So guess what, we had to do more pumping for not paying attention. Lol. Finally knocked out at either 12 plus or 1 plus.

Day 2
I can't really remember much? Hahas. Except that it was kinda similar to Day 1 with games and workshops and planned for SL project and Sandcastle Building.

Day 3
We had Day Expedition in the morning! We walked quite a bit and played some really fun games. Though we didn't managed to complete most of them, it was still really enriching as we really bonded and supported each other throughout the entire process. Sandcastle building in the afternoon! It was extremely fun! Though tiring and there was a super duper huge risk of getting tan, I really enjoyed it ttm with CHEYENNE! Yay, we rock!

Days 4 and 5
Cheyennes woke up earliest that day as we had to leave for our SL Project at Mayflower Primary at 6 plus. Our project was to plan and execute a half day leadership camp for the prefects. Keith was our SL I/c and he did a really good job! Omg, the primary school kinds were super cute! I was the group I/C for Group 7!

Group 7!!! Yay!!

I agree that I faced some difficulties interacting with them. The 2 boys, KokWei and JieKai, were just overly hyperactive. LayEn and Jermaine were just over quiet while Ada and Rachel were just in their own world and started doing Math in between the breaks? Lol. No matter what, they were still a bunch of adorable kids! We had to do facilitation too. I managed to apply what I've learnt for the past 3 days here and it was really different be in the SIs' point of view! I really learnt a lot. I guess that's why it is called Service Learning. We serve to learn.

There's was also the Emotional SOS workshop which I ALMOST fell asleep but didn't. Hahas. Lionel was funny but yet managed to convey information well.

Finally, it was the Night Expedition. It was kinda worrying initially as HuiYi was feeling unwell. However, it was really heartened to see everyone care for her and kept asking if she's alright. Finally at 2230hours, we set off from AJC to ECP. We walked from Ang Mo Kio to Serangoon, from Serangoon to Hougang, from Hougang to Bedok and from Bedok to ECP. We took a total of 7 hours and 1 minute. We took some breaks and supported each other throughout the entire expedition. Then, I strongly felt Cheyenne's team spirit and was really impressed by it. I also found Titus as my gossip partner! Lol. It turned out that we had the same thoughts though he appear kinda serious and quiet at times. Hahas.

At 0531hours on 050609, we reached Bedok Jetty. I was super relieved and had a great sense of accomplishment....

We then returned to AJC, had a 2 hour break, which YingYun, ChaiJia, HuiYi and I gossipped throughout, a graduation ceremony, a super high lunch with all campers and it was break camp.

Some girls of CHEYENNE!!!!!!

The awesome CHEYENNE with our instructors! Clockwise from top left: ZeXun, Keith, instructor Clement, Bryan, instructor Parry, ZiWei, instructor YuZhi, Titus, Roy, Belinda, FangYu, Joanne, Pearl, YingYun, HuiYi, Chai Jia!
Yay, we rock ttm! Lol.
I've learnt a lot during this AB Camp, and I really mean A LOT! It was really tough but we survived. Zillion thanks to our instructors who taught us so much. Zillion thanks to the rest of Cheyennes for going through thick and thin together with me.

ZeXun - The guy who is always so lively.
Keith - Our SL I/C who is so efficient.
Bryan - The guy whom I met at the notice board, whom I always find that his thoughts are so enriching.
ZiWei - The always funny and extremely tall guy.
Titus - My gossip partner. The one who seems to be quiet but is actually not.
Roy - The silent helper who is also very gentlemanly.
Belinda - The always smiling and laughing-at-no-apparent-reason girl.
FangYu - The always rational and hyper when in right times girl.
Joanne - My Ice Lemon Tea buddy who gets overly hyper at times.
YingYun - The girl who takes initiative and smiles a lot.
HuiYi - This first person I knew in Cheyenne. The one who is always ready to help.
ChaiJia - My fellow JiaJia who is straightforward, outgoing and fun.

Our group got really bonded at this camp, CHEYENNE has a different feeling from 22/09. Maybe it's because we are all made up of student leaders, maybe its because we all went through thick and thin together, or maybe just because we are a group of different people. No matter what, CHEYENNE is just an AWESOME group and I will always remember the memories we had together in Alpha Bravo Camp 2009. (:

Sunday, May 31, 2009 @11:00 PM

BaiYu, May, Pearl, LiWen and XinYi
The rest aren't in the photo. Lol.
I'm here to post as in 8 hours time, I'll be isolated and locked away from everything else for 5 days.
Yes, its the Alpha Bravo Camp.
Initially, I was looking forward t it but after the briefing, it was no longer so. I'm 100 per cent sure it is gonna be fun but extremely tough. I'll get super tanned, which is no good cause I have a photo taking session on Monday.
I'll miss my family. I'll miss my friends. I'll miss my bed. I'll miss my soft toys. I'll miss my laptop. I'll miss my junk food. I'll miss my bathroom. I'll miss my dramas. I'll miss my NEWS and ARASHI!
Oh well, wish me luck!
I'll survive, just a matter of how well. I believe its gonna be real fun though, and real tough too! Lol.

Thursday, May 21, 2009 @8:57 PM

okays. just suddenly feel like posting a quick post!

hmms. it is 9pm sharp now and I actually told myself that i would start doing my differentiation tutorial like now? Oh well, I promise to do it after this post.

I've been (quite) busy these few days and will be even more so this coming holidays!

PW meetings
Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium
22/09 class chalet
dance rehearsals

Super busy.
Yet, I'm sure I'll learn loads of stuff.

Off to do differentiation! (:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 @10:10 PM

Wow. Long time since I blogged.
LOADS of things happened...

First of all, I have to complain about my stupid school!
WTH. We finally completed our Napfa Test yesterday after running 6 rounds around the track. Then guess what, we ran another 6 rounds for PE today! Then we did like i-dont-know how many push ups, sit ups, planks and jumps, ON THE FREAKINGLY DIRTY FIELD! Gosh. Its nuts lah! We just completed our Napfa and you are gonna train us for next years?! WTH.

Okay, enough of that.
GPP needs loads of editing and research too. Our group's really pitiful. They have the travel all the way from the other end of Singapore to my house to do PW. They really did so every Sunday. Hen Ke Lian! Lol. Yet, I really love our group. Everyone is so fun and know how to be serious! Rocks ttm!

For AJE,
it is just a huge surprise!

Alrights, gtg and brainstorm what I should say tmr.
Shall picture post soon!

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As my url suggests, my name is ♥PEARL. I used to be part of Nan Chiau High School's 4Electrizzare and yes, I ♥ that class. Being nuts, I'm also a proud member of the Nut Family which is filled with many awesome members who never fail to make me smile. Dance is my passion, especially Chinese Dance at NAFA's Junior Dance. Thus, I joined International Dance in NCHS. There, I met a group of people, the Yues, who left me with wonderful memories throughout the four years.
Fastforward to the present. I'm currently studying in Anderson Junior College and hope to leave the school by the end of next year so that I don't have to worry about the school collapsing down anymore. The super xiasuay 22/09 is where I'm in and it's filled with many xiasuay people. LOL. Oh yes, I'm in AJ Enterprise too.

I realised that this portion about myself is getting long but I don't care cause this is MY BLOG. HAHA. Okay, continuing, I am simply in ♥ with Japanese Dramas. I watch them everyday. Yes, everyday. Through these dramas, I came to know my current obesession, JPop groups, NEWS and Arashi. I'm so in ♥ with them so don't you dare flame them in any way.

Point to note, this is my blog. Thus, it revolves around me. I don't care if no one else reads it but keep what you dislike about me to yourself.

Alrights, HAPPY READING! (:

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